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Im Mai 2019 hat Wolfgang Kemper vom Netzmagazin HIFISTATEMENT den Merason DAC1 ausgiebig gehört und darüber berichtet.

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Der Wandler Merason DAC 1 (damals noch Purson DAC 1) wurde im November 2018 von Falk Visarius auf dem Blog HiFi-IFAs getestet.

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“Without a doubt, the Antipodes EX has changed my “view of the world“. Astonishing how much the New Zealand apparatus stands out from the CD player configuration in terms of sound quality. There is no need for comparative repetitions at all.”

“With the Antipodes EX, it’s as if someone had torn open the windows and properly ventilated. No fog, no cloud, no haze can be discerned in the sound image, which is particularly noticeable in the transparency and transparency of the virtual stage.”

2019 Best Buy Award für den Phonovorverstärker melto2.

Hier geht’s zum Test des Netzfilters gordian in LowBeats.

Matej Isak hat den Breitbandlautsprecher bernola L17 in Mono and Stereo getestet.

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